Thomas Payne encompasses the essence of the classic man’s formal and timeless wear. Embodying a time when the chivalrous Gentlemen were revered. Thomas Payne takes an old style approach to a new age problem, ‘How can I look like a million pounds, without having to spend a million pounds.” In the late Victorian era, Gentlemen approached fashion as a sense of self-worth and to fulfill a duty to be at their best. Their style consisted of Frock Coats, Tail Coats, Vests, Slacks, Top Hats, and Collared Shirts. Fashion has progressed, but its ideals remained consistent with high style. The Thomas Payne Collection consists of attire meant to showcase what it is to be The Gentleman of your era. Our collection is made with only the finest sourced materials, and all garments are hand designed to ensure our quality is never sacrificed.


For King & Country